Using Anchor Wallet with the Libre Blockchain

This guide assumes that you have not installed Anchor Wallet on your device. If you have an existing install of Anchor, please skip down to the section titled “Configuring the Libre Mainnet” for further instructions.

This guide is based on the Anchor Wallet desktop client version 1.3.7, but should work with other recent versions of the desktop client. At this time, the Anchor Mobile Wallet does not currently support the Libre blockchain. If you need a mobile Libre wallet, please consider the official Bitcoin Libre wallet.

Download and install Anchor Wallet

Download the version of Anchor Wallet for your device.

Pre-compiled binaries for Anchor Wallet can be downloaded from the Greymass site:

Anchor Wallet is also available from the Greymass GitHub repository:

Once you have downloaded the appropriate version of Anchor Wallet per your device, please install it per the instructions appropriate to your device.

Initial Configuration of Anchor Wallet

When you open Anchor Wallet for the first time, you’ll be prompted to set your wallet up.

You will be prompted to enter a master password for Anchor Wallet. It's important to select a strong but memorable password. There are various online resources that provide great advice on setting a strong password, but this classic xkcd cartoon sums most of them up nicely in 6 panels.

Whatever password you select, it's important to securely store this password in a place where you can retrieve it in the future, in the event you forget it. This is especially important if the password is difficult to remember. While advice on safe storage varies, please consider using a password manager such as 1password or Last Pass, or a physical password journal stored securely.

Once you have set your master password, you will be asked to confirm your password one more time before you’ll be ready to set up your first blockchain in Anchor.

Configure Your First Blockchain in Anchor Wallet

Since Libre is a new blockchain, it is not currently included in the base set of pre-configured blockchains in Anchor Wallet. We'll need to set up an existing blockchain before we can configure Libre.

Please select any one of the listed blockchains to get started. For this tutorial, we’ll use the EOS blockchain. Once you select the EOS blockchain, you will be presented with a screen to import an existing EOS account.

We’re going to skip any further interaction with the EOS blockchain, and will configure the Libre blockchain in the following steps.

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