Import You Private Key(s)

Once you have configured the blockchain, you will be prompted to setup a wallet. You will need to import an existing Libre account by clicking the “Import and Existing Account” button.

And then the "Import Private Key" button:

You will be prompted to “Import a Private Key”. If you created your account using the Bitcoin Libre app, you will need to Obtain your Libre Private Key from the "Recovery phrase" provided by the app, before proceeding. You cannot use the Recovery phrase to directly import your account in to Anchor Wallet.

Once you enter your private key on the import screen, Anchor should load any accounts associated with that key. If no accounts appear, please check your private key.

Select the account(s) you would like to import and click "Import Account(s)".

You may be prompted to enter your master wallet password for Anchor, to complete the import of your Private Key.

Your account import is complete, and Anchor is now ready to configure custom mainnet tokens.

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