Obtaining Your Libre Private Key

Obtaining Your Recovery Phrase

If you have created an account using the Bitcoin Libre app, you will need to retrieve your Recovery phrase from the app and extract the Private key before proceeding with any other wallet application.

To retrieve your Recovery phrase, open the Bitcoin Libre app and perform the following actions:

Write down your 12 word Recovery phrase, as we will need it in the next step.

A word of caution when it comes to Recovery or Seed Phrases. This list of words secures your private key and any related blockchain account. Never provide these words to anyone that requests them. They should not be shared with anyone that you would not want to have full access to your account.

Once you have your Recovery phrase, you’ll need to convert it to a private key that Anchor can utilize. To do this, you will need to download and install a key extraction tool from GitHub.

Installing and Using the Libre Key Tool

Follow the directions on GitHub to install and configure the key tool on your device.

Once installed, you will run the key tool and provide the 12 word Recovery phrase using this command:

node libre-key-tool.js recover 'your 12 word recovery phrase'

It is important that your 12 word recovery phrase be contained within single quotes, and each word should be separated by a single space character. An example of this command follows:

node libre-key-tool.js recover 'caution another comfort acoustic october length safe filter music crowd ordinary siege'

This should return the following information:

SEED PHRASE => caution another comfort acoustic october length safe filter music crowd ordinary siege
PRIVATE KEY => 5KhHZEkVmR99mXgnpnQdg3VbkEhwDhHucqL9dMaiunYrKUCxeSu

The private key listed in this example can be imported in to any wallet application that supports an EOSIO/Antelope based blockchain. For Anchor Wallet, instructions for Libre Mainnet and Libre Testnet are provided in this tutorial.

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