Configuring the Libre Testnet

Now we’ll configure the Libre Testnet.

Libre Testnet

To configure the Libre Testnet, select “Manage Blockchains” from the blockchain selector drop down near the top of the Anchor windows:

Scroll down through the list of "Available Blockchains" until you find the option to “Add/Remove” option. Click on “Add/Remove”.

You will be presented with a list of blockchains you can enable within Anchor Wallet. We'll need to click on "Custom Blockchain" to configure support for Libre.

Configure the "Custom Blockchain" screen as indicated for the Libre Mainnet:

  • Chain ID: b64646740308df2ee06c6b72f34c0f7fa066d940e831f752db2006fcc2b78dee

  • Name of Blockchain: Libre (Testnet)

  • Default node for this blockchain:

  • Public Key Prefix (EOS...): EOS

  • Default Token Symbol (EOS/TLOS/etc): LIBRE

  • This blockchain is a test network (TESTNET): SELECTED

Click “Save” when complete.

You will be returned to the Add/Remove Blockchain screen. Scroll down to find the newly added custom blockchain called “Libre (Testnet)”:

Check the Box next to “Libre (Testnet)” to enable it.

Scroll back up to the top of the list of blockchains, and click “Enable (#) blockchains.”

Anchor Wallet is now configured to communicate with the Libre Testnet.

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